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Sprint + T-Mobile = The rare merger that increases competition
By Colin A. Hanna

As a longtime Sprint mobile subscriber, I’ve watched the proposed Sprint-T-Mobile merger closely. I generally oppose large mergers because they’re anti-competitive: they tend to reduce competition and thus are contrary to the public interest, but the Sprint-T-Mobile merger is different. As I have written elsewhere, this merger will almost certainly improve the long-term competitive environment in mobile communications.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent MIT study:

“The best prospect for longer-term competition among the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) is for the third and fourth-ranked MNOs to merge: the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint would create a third national MNO with the scale to sustain the maximal extent of facilities-based competition among MNOs that is likely to be economically feasible in the medium to longer-term.” 

Here’s a link to the full study:

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