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Protesters Desecrate U.S. Flag Outside GOP Debate; Milwaukee Police Recover it and Treat it With Respect
By Kyle Olsen


Milwaukee police officers are respectful of the American flag because of the liberty it represents.

Black Lives Matter protesters just want the freedom, and couldn’t care less about the flag — or the country that affords it.

Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor posted several photos of protesters outside the Milwaukee Theatre where the Republican presidential debate was taking place last night, including one of a protester standing on an American flag and pointing at it.

Taylor posted several photos from what she called the “circus in town.” Some included the “#Hillary2016″ hashtag.

A short time after protesters trampled and tried to burn the American flag, police officers Joel Rossman, Jedidiah Thompson and Jutiki X recovered it.

The Milwaukee Police Department posted several photos, as well as a video, showing the officers picking it up, folding it properly and saluting it.

The department posted a video of the officers folding the flag:

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