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Ginnie Mae’s new CEO: should he help U.S. vets or Chinese investors?
By Colin A. Hanna

May 16, 2018 West Chester, PA – Let Freedom Ring USA President Colin Hanna issued the following statement in opposition to Michael Bright being nominated to head up the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae):

“The announcement that Michael Bright has been nominated to head up Ginnie Mae is disappointing and lets down the thousands of veterans who rely on Ginnie Mae for access to their VA home loans. Bright’s interests are not with those who have honorably served their country but with Chinese investors. In fact, Bright has stated in an industry publication that the Chinese were upset with the prepayment speeds on VA loans. Veterans and the Trump administration do not need Michael Bright to be the head of Ginnie Mae when his interests align more with appeasing his investors. I call on the Trump administration to withdraw Bright’s nomination and keep America’s veterans first.”

White House announcement is here.

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