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Donald Trump’s Tax Plan should ‘Sunset the Tax Code’
By Colin A. Hanna

For Immediate Release  –                                                                    September 28, 2015

LFR Welcomes Donald Trump’s Tax Plan,

But Without ‘Sunset the Tax Code’ It’s Unrealistic

Current Tax Code Needs an Expiration Date

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Let Freedom Ring (LFR, www.LetFreedomRingUSA.com ), a public policy non-profit organization committed to promoting constitutional government, free enterprise and traditional values, commends presidential candidate Donald Trump for releasing a thoughtful and comprehensive tax reform plan. However, a new plan that does not first set an expiration date for the current tax code is simply unrealistic.

LFR is urging Congress to pass a bill to sunset the tax code as the first step to achieving tax reform.  Presidential candidates are also being asked to support the effort as a way to end the current stalemate.

“Politicians have been talking about tax reform for decades,” said LFR president Colin Hanna.  “Without a deadline, all they will do is talk. We are working to ‘Sunset the Tax Code’ by legislatively terminating the entire tax code by a date certain and enacting a replacement tax code at least six months earlier. This forces a deadline for tax reform in Congress.  We believe this idea is the necessary first step to achieving tax reform and that this is a powerful idea that is not ideological.  In fact, it can unite conservatives, libertarians and progressives, nearly all of whom agree that the current code is unworkable, even though they disagree on what should replace it.”

 LFR will not endorse Trump’s or any candidate’s specific tax reform proposal, but urges all candidates with tax reform proposals to unite around “Sunset the Tax Code” as the necessary first step – a step that will give tax reform the degree of urgency that it needs to mobilize and motivate grassroots Americans to get engaged on the issue and take up the cause.

Earlier this year LFR launched “Sunset The Tax Code,” a broad, nonpartisan effort to set a January 1, 2020 deadline for tax reform by passing legislation which lets the current tax code expire by that certain date.


Legislation to sunset the code (H.R. 27) has been filed in the House by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), where it has 85 cosponsors, and it is being ushered through the House Committee on Ways and Means by Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX).

More information is available at: www.SunsetTheTaxCode.com


Contact: Deborah Hamilton at (215) 815-7716, dhamilton@hamiltonstrategies.com or Matt Mackowiak at (512) 423-6116, matt@potomacstrategygroup.com


Let Freedom Ring is a 501 (c)(4) public policy non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania that is committed to promoting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values.


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