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Carson Bemoans National Incivility: ‘You Start Reading an Article and You Go to the Comments Section’
By Susan Jones

Asked whether former President Bill Clinton’s “past indiscretions” are a legitimate campaign issue — and whether Hillary Clinton should be criticized as an “enabler” of sexual misconduct, Dr. Ben Carson said Americans “should be able to look” at past presidents’ behavior “and what it means.”

“But you know, here’s the real issue — Is this America anymore? Do we still have standards? Do we still have values and principles?” he asked. He used  online “Comments” sections to illustrate his point.

“You know, you look at what’s going on, you see all the divisiveness and the hatred that goes on in our society. You know, we have a war on virtual everything — race wars, gender wars, income wars, religious wars, age wars. Every war you can imaging, we have people at each other’s throat and our strength is actually in our unity.

“You know, you go to the Internet, you start reading an article and you go to the Comments section — you cannot go five comments down before people are calling each all manner of names. Where did that spirit come from in America? It did not come from our Judeo-Christian roots, I can tell you that.

“And wherever it came from we need to start once again recognizing that there is such a thing as right and wrong. And let’s not let the secular progressives drive that out of us.

The majority of people in American actually have values and principles and they believe in the very things that made America great. They’ve been beaten into submission. It’s time for us to stand up for what we believe in.”

The audience applauded him for the remark.



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