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Jobs Through Growth

The Jobs Through Growth Act gets Washington out of the way and will unleash tremendous private sector growth that creates a jobs renaissance. Help us fight for Jobs Through Growth by signing the petition in support of the plan and asking Representatives to join you!


The free market is the greatest and most natural force for job creation ever conceived, because it is rooted in the concepts of capital formation and wealth creation. Regulation, taxation and uncertainty about the future are barriers to free market-based job creation. The first step to unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of America is for Washington to get out of the way.


The alternative to job creation based on free market economic growth is job creation based on government spending. However, when government creates jobs through spending, those jobs are never self-sustaining because they do not create economic value. They require continuing spending. Worse, government spending can be a net destroyer of jobs by crowding out more effective private sector investment.




: http://www.jobsthroughgrowth.com/
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