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Statement by Colin Hanna, President of Let Freedom Ring, in response to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Receiving an “A” rating from Standard and Poor’s
By Colin A. Hanna

“The exceptional grade Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey received today from Standard and Poor’s for its sound fiscal management is yet another example of why Governor Christie’s attempt to raid the company’s reserve funds to rehabilitate his political image is nothing but the Governor’s ego and bullying tactics to get what he wants, no matter how it damages the healthcare of New Jersey consumers.

“The Governor knows full well that his stewardship of New Jersey’s finances over the past 7 years has been nothing short of an absolute disaster! The state’s credit rating has been downgraded an historic 11 times! Why the Governor would want to destroy a well-regarded, highly rated healthcare company at the expense of its healthcare policy holders, 3.8 million NJ consumers, makes no sense! It’s just his outrageous ego! He desperately wants to improve his political image! Desperate people do desperate things! He knows he can’t get the state to pay for his pet projects, so the only card he has left is to steal from the policy holders of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield!

“The last thing New Jersey needs is the Governor trying to put more politicians in charge of anything. We saw how well his judgement worked out with the Port Authority or should I say Bridgegate and the United Airlines chairman’s flight! Hands Off Governor!

“We hope the state legislature puts an immediate stop to the Governor’s greedy extortion scheme before he puts a great private non-profit healthcare company and their policy holders on a financial path of no return.”

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