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Kathy Kraninger is the right person to lead the CFPB
By Colin Hanna

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) needs a strong leader who can restore transparency and constitutional accountability to an agency that has acted with reckless abandon since it was created. From levying punitive fines on businesses to reward partisan ‘consumer advocacy’ groups to racking up over $200 million in cost overruns to renovate its Washington headquarters, the rampant abuse that took place at the Bureau for years is well documented.

I believe Kathy Kraninger is the right person to lead the Bureau at this important time because she has a strong fiscally responsible, market-oriented mindset that is necessary to continue cutting this bloated agency down to size.

At a time when President Trump and his Administration are working hard to undo onerous regulations and making government more accountable to all Americans, we need the strong and steady administrative hand of Ms. Kraninger at the helm to rein in this powerful and unaccountable agency.

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